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Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome to RaeLynn Blue's Series Blog

Welcome to my blog that's devoted entirely to my various series. I write in a variety of genres, so to help make reading the blog easier, I wanted to point out a few things.

1. The book titles are listed from the latest title first. This means the oldest title is last on the list.
2. The titles are also hyperlinks for purchases.
3. New entries into the series are denoted with a "new" label beside it.
4. All stories are erotic romance titles. Most are interracial erotic romance, but may be set in a different subgenre.


Urban Fantasy Romance Series:
Dragon's Keep series (dragon shifters)

Otherworld Attendants (O.A.s)
Humania Series

Science Fiction Romance Series:
I.G.O.-InterGalactic Organization
Moonbeams & Stardust

Contemporary Romance Series: 
C.A.K.E. Series
Native Hearts 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Native Hearts: Lasso a Lover Re-released! Series is relaunched

Native Hearts: Lasso a Lover Re-released! The Native Hearts series has been relaunched. Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC has re-released the first story in my contemporary erotic romance series, Native Hearts. The first story is Lasso a Lover. 

Originally published by Beautiful Trouble Publishing, the story of Lee and Tank had to be told. So, I am very glad to offer it to readers again, with an entirely new edit. 
If you missed Lasso a Lover during its first publishing, I invite you to pick it up now that's back in print. This gorgeous cover illustrates that hot first meeting between Lee and Tank at one of Dante's freak parties.

What's more exciting is that you can read more about the characters in this world. Sky from Cashmere Sky is Lee's best friend, and of course, Dante Divine runs the freak party. 

Check out these other titles that link into Native Hearts: Lasso a Lover. 
Purchase link:
Price: $2.00
 Other stories in this world:

Divine Party- Dante's story.
Something Deeper- Contains the story, Cashmere Sky (Lee's Best Friend, Sky). It takes place at one of Dante's freak parties too. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Series-Introducing the NEAL Family

Introducing the Neal Family series. You've probably met Charlotte Neal before, from ACCIDENTIALLY IN LOVE. She met a handsome paramedic, Ichigo Isamu, and the rest is history.

Now, it's time for Charlotte and Ichigo to tie the knot. Their wedding brings together the entire Neal family--the sisters and their kids. Nothing brings a family together like a wedding.

Mikki McCollum disagrees, and hence the start of CHERISHING MIKKI.

Blurb: Twice divorced Mikki McCollum dislikes weddings--for obvious reasons. But when one of her favorite cousins gets married, well, she wouldn't miss it for the world. Mikki has to admit, the actual wedding was beautiful. However, the reception leaves a lot to be desired. The only bright spot in an event she’d rather forget was the handsome Korean man whom couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. She knew he couldn't because she kept watching him. At least she hoped…
Aaron Yang has settled into his perpetual role as best man. Not that he minded it, nor would he willing admit out loud he had begun to wonder when it would be his turn. When he spies beautiful Mikki, he wants his own taste of happily ever after more than ever.

When a dangerous threat from Mikki’s past threatens the very thing Aaron wants most, he'll risk everything to protect her and to let Mikki know he means to cherish her for always.

Get a copy of CHERISHING MIKKI today.

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Release in the Otheworld Attendants Series: AN OPEN HEART

My latest release in the OTHERWORLD ATTENDANTS series is titled AN OPEN HEART. This is the third story in the series, but you do not have to have read AN OPEN LURE or AN OPEN MELODY to read this one. The story took me a very long time to write, over a year and a half. I enjoyed it as much as Jet and Felicia did. This is an I/R title, despite the cover art. Jet is Japanese American and Felicia is Irish-American.

Interracial Romance: ww/am

Blurb: Too good to be true... Felicia met the man of her dreams. And lost him. When she awakens one day to find Jet gone, her world comes crashing down.

Jet, an Otherworld Attendant, pledged his life to fulfill his contract to serve the vampire Orion. A botched ritual turned Jet into a Shade, a soul that resides neither in this world nor the next.
Felicia's open heart welcomed Jet without question, gifting him with unconditional love. He'd thought to hide his past -- and its dangers -- from her, to keep her safe. But even leaving her isn't enough.

The ache is still fresh when Jet returns to defend her against an enemy who threatens not only her life, but his, as well. Battling her heartache and fear, Felicia must decide if she can open her heart to Jet again. Her love is the only thing that will give him the strength to save them both.